It is not easy to concentrate on your work every day. But concentration suffers, even more when tasks pile up, and deadlines slowly but surely get closer. To be able to work in a focused and stress-free manner, a tidy workplace is necessary.

Clean the Keyboard Regularly.

It is often used for hours every day for typing, and many employees even have their lunch at their desk. Food scraps, bacteria, and germs can quickly accumulate on their surface, which is why cleaning the keyboard is an important part of hygiene in the workplace.

You can use spray and duster to wipe your keyboard. Make sure you pull the plug. You can also use cotton swabs to clean the areas between individual keys, and you can use the cloth to clean your mouse afterward.

Clean the Monitor and Screen

While you’re at the point of cleaning your keyboard, wipe your monitor and screen with a suitable cleaning cloth. Fingerprints and other dirt can be removed in no time. The following also applies here: For safety reasons, you should always pull the plug.

If you don’t have special screen cleaning wipes, you can dampen a paper towel with warm water to remove stains and wipe with a dry cloth if there is any remnant. For more thorough cleaning, you can add a few drops of clear vinegar to warm water, dampen a cloth with the mixture and clean the screen.

Clean Up the Desk

If you want your desk to be tidy, there are a few simple organization tips you can follow. Used cups, plates, and bowls should be washed or put in the dishwasher without delay. Stacks of paper should not grow either but should be organized according to a good system. Then use an antibacterial cleaning cloth or a spray and wipe to remove bacteria and germs from the desk.

Make it a habit to clean your desk every working day. That way, you’ll start at a clean desk each morning. This little clean-up ritual can get you in the mood for a well-deserved evening at the end of the day.

Avoid Foods with A Strong Odor.

If your office has a microwave, you probably already know the problem: a colleague warms up his lunch and leaves behind dirt and chaos. Tomato splatters hang on the walls, and unidentifiable scraps stick to the plate. Don’t attract the wrath of your co-workers but clean the microwave after you’ve used it. Not only will your colleagues thank you, but your health too.

You can easily prevent splashes in the microwave by covering your food with a plate beforehand. Leftover food that has already dried on can be loosened by heating a bowl of water and a piece of lemon in the microwave. This makes the steam loosen, and it can now be wiped with a cloth. It is also advisable to always get entrance mats for business to avoid bring in dirt with your shoes.