Many people are well acquainted with the trials of having less spacious homes. The most common concern is that small rooms are usually harder to decorate since they seem cramped or messy. But bigger isn’t always better. Small rooms are easier to organize and tidy up. You also spend less effort in decorating a small room. In fact, there are ways of decorating and organizing your small room to trick the eye into thinking it has more space despite its small size!

Repaint the room

The color of the room affects how big or small it will look to the human eye. Mostly, homeowners use paint or modern wallpapers in light or neutral colors to create the illusion of an expansive space. The best light colors for a small room would be off-white or white. These create an environment that will seem cleaner, more sophisticated, and organized, especially when natural light is abundant. Dark and deep colors can also help a room look bigger as long as the room is well-lit, so you can keep it from looking stuffy and confining. Dark colors can also provide a more dramatic and snug atmosphere.

Another trick you can apply is to match the colors of the wall to the ceiling’s color. This tricks you into thinking the walls are a bit higher. In a way, it stretches and expands the entire space of the room. It also creates a more put-together appearance. Similarly, using the same shade or color throughout your home can make a smooth and continuous impression that expands space in each of the rooms.

Maximize storage

Successfully fitting everything in a small room can be challenging. From furniture to other necessary items, a room with limited space can appear cluttered in an instant. One way to avoid this is to declutter. Organize and sort out the clutter that accumulates in your home as time goes on to avoid feeling cramped. It is better to keep unnecessary items somewhere hidden. Make sure there isn’t too much stuff in sight so that space can be visible.

Multi-functional furniture can also be a huge help. Pull-out beds that you can hide can provide more space for a sitting area or reveal a storage system on the other side. Besides, you can use foldable chairs that transform into sofas when you have guests over. Installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to the walls can also be a way to expand the height of the room. Not only does this furniture make the room look bigger, but it also provides additional convenience.

Pick out and arrange furniture

As mentioned earlier, the types of furniture you choose and how you arrange them can contribute to your room’s appearance while also adding functionality. Avoid furniture that looks heavy or chunky. Instead, go for furniture with exposed legs. This can create more visible space in your room.

You can also arrange your furniture to make a clear pathway for people. Leaving out a few inches of space between furniture can make a huge difference. This way, accomplishing chores is more manageable without the feeling of claustrophobia. What’s more, you can move freely around the house as there is more open space.

Identify the most suitable decorative items

Another way to avoid the build-up of clutter around the house is to apply a more minimalist mindset and lifestyle. Keeping decorations small and straightforward can prevent the room from looking overcrowded and chaotic.

Light or sheer fabrics for curtains can make the room look more open while allowing more light to enter the room. Another option is to completely get rid of curtains to stay true to the minimalist lifestyle. Along with that, manipulating the lighting in a room can contribute to the illusion of a bigger space. Eye-catching ceiling lights or mini chandeliers can add more height to your room.

Lastly, placing mirrors on the wall can reflect more light and space into your small room. The placement of mirrors is vital since you can manipulate what the eye can focus on. You can strategically place a mirror where it can reflect the view outside your windows. Doing so can prevent the feeling of confinement in the room.

Ultimately, you can manipulate the eye and mind into thinking your rooms are much bigger through the tips and tricks mentioned above. Have fun improving your home and creating more space!