Uruguay is hardly the most expensive or even cheapest country you’ll ever hear of – it’s rather varied and will largely depend on the area. But when it comes to finding a balance in purchasing a place that’s both gorgeous and affordable, then there are no better places to look than through the properties on this list. Here are the 5 most affordable places in which to buy property quickly in Uruguay.

  1. La Barra, Manantiales

You wouldn’t expect this gorgeous, beachside resort-town that’s extremely popular with surfers to be among the first options on the list, but it is, and for one exact reason: it’s very affordable when putting consideration into the beauty and popularity of the area. It’s in this area where you’ll find 2-bedroom apartments for sale for an average of 8,948,278 Uruguayan Pesos ($210,000) per property. This isn’t the most affordable of areas by far, but taking the area into account is important – this sort of pricing for an apartment in La Barra is practically a steal.

  1. Parque Miramar, Montevideo

Parque Miramar is a lovely neighbourhood found in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo. Montevideo is typically renowned to be the most expensive city in all of Uruguay, but even here, you’re bound to find some very affordable property prices for housing if only you look in the right place. And the right place happens to be Parque Miramar. Here, the pricing for housing is averaged out at about 7,189,302 Uruguayan Pesos ($168,720) per property. Not the cheapest of options, but the next area on the list certainly offers better prices!

  1. Maldonado Department, Punta Del Este

This is a rather large area of about 4,793 km² that hosts somewhere over 164,300 inhabitants. It’s a beautiful area all around, brimming with plenty of apartments and beach properties that simply can’t be missed out on when considering the prices put on offer. In this area of Punta Del Este (which is a city absolutely full of well-priced and affordable properties) you’re likely to find the average property to be priced at about 7,158,622 Uruguayan Pesos ($168,000) per property. Not a whole lot cheaper than the previous option, but more affordable nonetheless!

2. Departamento de Montevideo, Montevideo

Another are in the capital city of Montevideo, where you’ll find the cheapest practices. In the centre of Montevideo, you can find some especially well-priced offers and architectures that follow the styles of the early Uruguayan 1900s. The typical average pricing here is 7,030,790 Uruguayan Pesos ($165,000) per property.

  1. El Choro, Punta del Este

Returning once again to the awe-inspiring, laid back fishing towns around Punta Del Esta is the number one option on this list for the most affordable housing – El Choro. It’s a fairly small village with some very wonderful sights and sounds to embrace, and is close enough to the bars and restaurants of Manantiales to still enjoy local films and leisure. The average house pricing here is typically around 5,880,297 Uruguayan Pesos ($138,000) per property.