The idea of renovating your kitchen sounds like a great plan. Well, that is until you actually start. Then, you’ll discover all kinds of problem that goes with Kitchen remodeling Vienna VA. The good news is that if you plan everything correctly, there is a high chance that none of these hurdles will ever come up. To help you, we have listed down 8 kitchen remodeling Vienna VA mistakes you should avoid or you pay the price.

DIY remodeling vs. Hiring Remodeling Contractors

First things first, if you are planning to do the remodeling yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing. Consider the nature of the job and its level of difficulty. Be honest and ask yourself if you can really do it or if you need help from a professional. Taking into account the cost efficiency and all, it is always wiser to hire pros do the job for you.

Handle-less technology

Another thing to consider for kitchen remodeling Vienna VA mistakes is incorporating handle-less technology into your home kitchen. Subtlety and invisibility in terms of design are the highlights of 2020. One thing to keep in mind though is if you can go about not incorporating handle-less technology, then opt for recessed handles. This is a great alternative that still does the job.

Flooring options

For flooring options, make sure that your renovation plans are well-thought-out. Once you start installing whatever flooring option you went for, there’s no turning back.

Garbage system

Allocating space for your trash in your kitchen is probably one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Of course, no one would want trash to be the focal point of their kitchen. However, a proper garbage system can do wonders for any kitchen.

Electrical outlets

Another mistake most people make is not planning out the availability of electrical outlets in their kitchen. Map out where you will place your kitchen appliances and work your way from there.


Lighting fixtures are renovation tasks that are difficult to alter once done. Thus, make sure that you plan them out as well. Here’s something to keep in mind – there are 3 types of lights every great kitchen should have. These include task lighting, under cabinet lighting, and general overhead lighting.

Storage options

Renovation projects should have the goal of making your life easier. For kitchen renovation projects, storage options are crucial. When it comes to storage options, think about how it will help you work more efficiently in the kitchen.

Design for functionality

Lastly, design for functionality in terms of your different work zones in the kitchen. Basically, most kitchen mistakes can be avoided if proper planning was done beforehand. You can catch up with the latest styles and trends for renovating a kitchen but do not neglect its functionality.

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Remodeling your kitchen can be a great investment. Go through the list we have provided so that you may avoid making some of the most common mistakes while you are on the job. Furthermore, should you find yourself stuck in a rut on a remodeling issue, you always have the option of consulting with a professional.

Kitchen remodeling Vienna VA can help improve the flow in the busiest part of your home. Panorama Remodeling has done countless kitchen renovations and we’re proud of the results. Contact us today!