Custom-made doors for entrance have recently become a trend in many cities. There are 100 patterns, styles, colors, and tree types. Most of these doors are imported from China. Although there are some manufacturers in the United States who produce it locally. “Import doors” are usually made of Chinese wood. They have Chinese trees that are similar to some of our North American trees, but they are not the same. You can always check that the price of these import doors is quite competitive. You will also find that these import doors are seldom guaranteed usage.

Most Chinese wood is air-dried and there are very few kilns in these areas. As a result, the wood dries poorly and there is a chance that this door will fall. This means that there may be excess moisture in the wood and this increases the chance that the door will break. Most doors made in North America use dry wood stoves. Many North American doors manufacturers use an artificial wood substrate as the inner core. It is assumed that the wood used reduces the amount of door movement. Many of these bespoke entrance doors have 1/8 “or 1/4” solid wood veneer on the outside and inner core instead of manipulated wood. Although there are still several companies across the globe that build “solid wood” doors. I believe that the best doors are still solid wood doors. You don’t have to worry about loosening the screws or breaking the veneer.

If you want to find your own front door, I recommend searching for “Google” under “Custom Front Door”. There is an inexhaustible number of options for designing entrance doors to measure. You will find Wrought Iron, Glass, Decorative Glass, Leaded Glass, Stained Glass, Clavos (Large Tacks), Speakeasy Doors and Grilles, Sidelites, and Transom Windows. I suggest you search for your favorite tree in the “Custom-made doors for entrance” section and find a design you like. Then find a local manufacturer who will create the design you want. You can also look for ideas and suppliers at the front door. As mentioned earlier, there are many cities where “custom front doors” are almost in vogue. It’s like one homeowner trying to do something else.

The most popular types of wood for front doors include mahogany, oak, elderberry, maple, and walnut. I would recommend hardwood doors because they are less likely to be scratched or damaged. In addition, finishing is important. Make sure you use a clear coat with UV protection. Many suppliers use Spar Varnish, but there are better products. I prefer an outer surface made in Italy called ICA. There is also a long ending called the “Western System”.