Before choosing the Bracknell skip hire company that will suit you best, do not forget the administrative procedures and the instructions to follow for the smooth running of your operations.

Beforehand, obtain a skip authorization:

The authorization request is not useful if you plan to put the dumpster on exclusively private land. There are, in addition, two scenarios for which an authorization request will be mandatory before renting a skip:

– If you want to put the dumpster on the public road;

– If the dumpster is on private land but encroaches on a public road.

In both cases, you will have to go to the town hall of the municipality where you are carrying out the work. Do not forget to request your authorization in advance. Indeed, there may be delays of several days before the authorization is issued to you. We advise you to start the process with the town hall two to three weeks before the planned disposal of the waste.

Remember, the Bracknell skip hire is valid for a fixed period. It must be renewed at each new construction site.

Be sure to follow the safety instructions:

When the rubble skip is placed on the public road, it represents a danger for residents who circulate and for the surrounding elements. When you handle a machine like this, we advise you to put in place certain essential safety rules:

– Place signs around the dumpster to delimit the area and avoid any dangerous parking nearby

– Always keep the dumpster under surveillance

– Remember to place the dumpster on planks to avoid any deterioration of the roadway

What are the response times of the skip rental service provider?

Once you have completed all the pre-rental paperwork for Bracknell skip hire, you will need to complete a quote with the ski rental company. As soon as this estimate is validated, the intervention is generally done within 24 hours.

The skip will be dropped off at the requested address. Finally, when the waste is loaded into the skip, the company will pick it up and take care of its evacuation.

Who is responsible for loading the waste into the skip?

Regarding the collection and treatment of waste, this will depend on the quote you have agreed with the Bracknell skip hire company. Some companies leave the loading of the rubble and sometimes the handling to the care of the customer.