In just three easy steps, you can find the perfect rug to match your living room design in no time!

The rug is both functional and decorative, so it can be used to cocoon the living space without the need to divide. A rug is essential to enhancing the living area without creating a false tone. This article will tell you everything about choosing this warm and pleasing fabric.

Rug dimensions in your living room

To achieve harmony, it is important to take into account the environment where the rug will be placed. It is important to consider the dimensions of the room and the furniture. The rug should cover a substantial amount of the floor to create a visual balance in the space.

Take measurements to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. When the rug integrates into the living area, you have two options:

  • First, arrange your living room furniture so it frames the space. The rug acts as a second floor covering and serves as a transitional element between the different areas.
  • You can also draw attention to your main living space by placing a coffee table. To enhance the furniture, the rug should be much larger than the furniture. To complete the trendy and exquisite look of your room, install an XL rug slightly larger than the sofa’s width.

When rug designs are chosen in incorrect dimensions, it can appear that the space is disproportional and inconsistent. Your interior will appear smaller if you have a small accessory.

A rug is an accessory that can be used in your living room for a variety of purposes. This accessory is stylish, comfortable, fashionable, and easy to clean. With the assistance of professionals in the industry, you can learn how to select the right one. To maintain harmony, it is important to consider the existing colors and materials in the room.

Size of a rug in a living room

You can find rugs in traditional commerce such as:

  • It is small in size (70×140, 90×160, and 60×80 cm respectively);
  • Medium size (120×180, 140×200, 170×240, 170×240, 170×240 with a diameter 120 cm);
  • Larger in size (200×300 with a diameter 200 cm or 250 cm).

The layout of the sofas and coffee tables will determine the size of the rug that is best for a living space. A rug that is at least twice the length of your sofa is best. It should be large enough that you can turn the table while still on the rug. For a large living space, a rug should be 200 x 300 cm. However, a round version will work well in a smaller room.

What form of rug should you choose?

A rug can have a variety of visual effects depending on its size, color, material and shape. You can use a rug to create many effects in your interior design. It can be a rectangular, square or soft-rounded shape.

We prefer to keep the design in sync with the layout of the space. Large living rooms can accommodate rugs of all shapes and sizes. It is best to stick to the layout of the living space if it is narrower or more distinctive. To minimize shrinking effects caused by the fight between opposite shapes, we recommend that a round rug is not used in an elongated space.

Which type of rug should I get for my living room?

Do you prefer a plain rug that showcases a color or a patterned rug that brings some life to your living room? The rug’s color can draw attention to certain pieces of furniture and decorations in the room. Its color can be matched to the decor of your home, or it can stand out by being bright and unique.

There are many rugs available that will allow you to decorate your living space without making any mistakes in style. The Berber rug takes its inspiration from ethnic patterns. It is made of light wool and graphic patterns in darker colours. It is also a popular choice for interiors with bohemian, industrial or Scandinavian designs.

Natural fibre rug: The rug is usually spherical and can be used in any interior. It has a neutral tone which allows it to be used. Because of its compact size, it is ideal for small spaces such as studios or living rooms.

The graphic rug is becoming more popular due to the popularity of Scandinavian interior design. It is usually made from cotton and features geometric patterns. It can be used for any type of decoration: bright or pastel, classic or otherwise. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to clean.

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