Your air conditioning system is one of the most crucial purchases you’ll make for your house as a homeowner. However, it’s also one of the most costly purchases, so it’s crucial to take simple precautions to safeguard it.

Fortunately, even if you’re a complete AC newbie, there are several simple and affordable ways to manage your air conditioning system. Learn five easy strategies to maintain your air conditioner in the following paragraphs.

Replace Your Air Filter

The greatest thing you can do to preserve your air conditioner is probably to change the air filter regularly. Fortunately, it’s also one of the simplest and only takes a few minutes to complete.

The purpose of an air filter is to prevent allergens, filth, and dust from entering the rooms of your house. However, an air filter can only accomplish this effectively if it is clean and free of extra particulate matter. When air filters are too filthy to function properly, your air conditioner will work harder than necessary, and the air quality in your house may suffer.

Clean Your Coils

The air conditioning coil is the vital part of your air conditioning system that helps the refrigerant remove heat from your home. The coils’ capacity to absorb heat decreases with time due to the insulation that dirt provides. This makes your air conditioner work harder as a consequence.

Maintaining clean coils can help protect your AC from having to work harder than required. There are several methods to accomplish this, but we advise beginning by removing debris from the area surrounding the condenser unit (the external component).

Check Your Fins

Every air conditioning unit has an evaporator and a condenser, both of which have fins. These fins may flex with time, resulting in inadequate airflow. Check the fins on your air conditioner frequently to ensure they are not bent if you want to maintain it running properly. If you observe bending, you may get a fin comb to fix the problem or get assistance from a qualified air conditioning specialist.

Examine Your Condensate Drain

Any air conditioning system must include a condensate drain because it permits condensation generated inside the system to drain outside. Condensate drains can silt up over time, which can make draining difficult.

Check the condensate drain frequently to make sure water is draining correctly to maintain your AC and make sure it is operating effectively. If you discover the water isn’t draining properly, clear the obstruction or call your local AC company.

Make an Appointment for Professional Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning system on top of working, caring for your family, and other everyday duties is the last thing you want to worry about. Gresham Heating in Gresham, OR, can provide high-quality maintenance services for your AC Repair in Clackamas County.

Your air conditioner will be cleaned, examined, and adjusted when you make a maintenance appointment with one of our skilled experts. This ensures it is operating at peak efficiency and has no underlying problems. With just one simple action, you can easily safeguard your investment and the comfort of your house.