Quartz has applications beyond countertops. It has a Measure of Hardness Scale (MOHS) value of 7 and is an incredibly durable material. There are numerous advantages to adopting Quartz as a backsplash material. Quartz can be utilized in a variety of applications due to its durability. They are ideal for counter-equipped offices. For dramatic kitchen design ideas, a dark grey accent wall with gray veins may be just what you need. A backsplash made of natural Quartz will be an eye-catching addition to a kitchen with a gorgeous design.

One of the most significant advantages of Quartz is the diversity of backsplash design alternatives available. Unlimited color and design variations allow you to achieve any desired appearance while concealing your identity. This adaptability enables the creation of a design message that you can easily match. It does not matter whether your kitchen has black or white cabinetry because quartz worktops may be paired with various backsplash materials.

Stone materials are absorbent. They frequently have microscopic openings that allow bacteria and other substances to enter. Quartz is not susceptible to this issue because it is practically impervious. Quartz backsplashes can be blended smoothly with the countertop or accent wall. It is possible to make the backsplash the room’s focal point. Choose a countertop with a complementary backsplash.

Moreover, Quartz is compatible with LED under-cabinet lighting. If you are uncertain whether Quartz is suited for a backsplash, inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty. Kitchen cabinet Laguna Beach can demonstrate how they install competent and quality product. 

Determine the area to be covered with backsplash tiles made of Quartz. The completed backsplash will look fantastic. However, be aware of your finances. The least expensive Quartz may cost between $65 and $70 per square foot. Custom quartz, which is more exquisite and flawless, will be more expensive. Prices range between $200 and $280 per square foot. Quartz slabs are offered in numerous finishes. You may incur additional costs in the long run without a tile contractor. Make sure to contact kitchen cabinet Laguna Hills that understand Quartz and its installation process.

For more details, read this infographic from Mr. Cabinet Care. 

Can You Use a Quartz as Backsplash Tile?