The gutter helps to manage the flow of rain water away from the walls and roofs. If your gutter is not cleaned at regular time intervals then it clogs and stops the water from flowing down the drain. This can badly affect your building structure. The large amount of water around your building causes mold growth and damp formation. It can lead to asthma, respiratory problems etc. So, by cleaning gutter you get protection from damp. Gutter cleaning by yourself is difficult and time consuming process. So, people in cities like St. Louis hire professionals. They use the best methods for gutter cleaning St. Louis.

Damage Caused By Unmaintained Gutters

Foundation Issues: Concrete foundation could also face heavy damage. If the water is not properly drained out from the house then it will cause cracks in the foundation and wall. This can also leads to mold.

 Leaky Roofs: When the gutter cannot keep the weight of excessive water and debris, then the water collects on roof and the area around the roof. This accumulated water results in leakage. If the water gets into your house then it will harm your furniture, appliances and could also cause electrical problem.

 Wood Damage: Water will get into the house, if the water not drains properly. This will cause several issues to home with woody foundation. It results in rotting of wood and rotten wood causes structural and functional damage.

Leaking Basement: Water will not drain properly if your downspouts and gutters are clogged. This can make the water to enter into the basement. Leaking basement is most dangerous as it results in electrical issues, gas leakage and pollutants.

Ugly Landscape: If the water is not properly drawn out from the house, then it will leak or pool onto the landscape. This will cause plants to drench, increase the chances of the survival of micro-organisms which cause disease.