The Persian carpet is a natural product, hand-woven from wool and often of a long pile that results from three generations of work. It is one of the most beautiful, colorful, and intense art pieces that have ever existed in the world.

As the name indicates, the Persian carpet is a kind of carpet that comes from Persia. The name comes from the Persian prophet (‘per’ meaning ‘from’ and ‘saint’) Mohammed to call people who use this type of carpet. Persian rug or in Persian: Persian (Farsi: پرستار) is a large group of rugs from the countries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan in Asia.

Persian carpets are much loved because of the patterns and colors used in them. The word Persian comes from the ancient country of Persia, which is now a region within modern-day Iran.

The Persian carpet is a type of carpet that is hand-woven in Iran.  Although it has traditionally been made with 4,600 or more knots per square meter, modern-day Persian carpets are manufactured by machine.  This type of weft-faced oriental carpet is usually made with wool and silk.

Persian carpets, also known as Aubusson carpets, are a mainstay in the luxurious homes of the world’s rich and famous, but they’re also immensely collectible. The Persian carpet is the national textile of Iran. It is a flatweave woolen carpet traditionally woven by hand. It was the first handmade material that differentiated the nomadic lifestyle from the settled one when traders started using it to send their goods across the deserts.


A more appealing Persian carpet is one of the choices for you to redecorate your home. A good quality Persian carpet will be a great addition to your interior design style. It can help you boost your room’s interior decorating mood and feel. A more appealing Persian carpet is always your best choice because it has a wide range of styles, designs, and patterns that will fit most spaces.

It is the quality, color, and design that have attracted customers worldwide. Its territorial characteristics and its domestic carpet with a soft and comfortable feeling have been appreciated by many buyers around the world. Persian new carpet maintains a high standard of quality and craftsmanship in making this intricate pattern. Perfectly suited for rooms with a contemporary look that demands an artistic touch, it will transform any room into one you’ll love to live in; whether it’s entertaining buddies, or hosting guests from across the globe.


The most common myths about Persian carpets are the idea that they require a specific type of dye, or that only silk is safe for these carpets. However, these misconceptions do not hold, and over time people will learn from their ignorance. If you have seen pictures of Persian carpets, your first thought may be that these carpets are complex, expensive, and difficult to care for. This is far from the truth. These carpets have been woven and dyed in the same way for hundreds of years, using a simple combination of wool, silk, and other materials such as cotton or alpaca. You can easily maintain your carpet by using mild detergents on regular basis to keep it looking great without having to spend much money on special tools or materials.