When you are planning to buy new shower heads because they are clogged, broken, or need a new one. Before you head out and look for new showerheads, you have to know the variety of showerheads to make a choice, and you can benefit from your purchase. First, you have to see the flow rate of every showerhead will depend on what type you will use. The flow rate will measure how many gallons the shower heads release per minute.

Types of showerheads


A showerhead is a fixed type that is usually attached to the shoer arm, which comes out to the wall—the same with other showerheads. You can change or fix it by unscrewing the showerhead then replacing it with a new one. You have to be careful when changing the showerhead to avoid any broken shower arm. The fixed-type showerheads can have added features like water-saving, rain, and massage.


It is a hand-held showerhead connected to a long hose, and you can place it back in its cradle when you are not using it. You can use the same with a fixed shower head. However, when you take it off its cradle, you can use it to wash your tub, pets, and children. It is available in different lengths, but it must be 84” long because it is a standard hose length. It is more convenient to use when you have a longer hose because you can reach anything you want to clean.


When you like to save more water, you can use a water-saving showerhead in your bathroom. Most water-saving showerheads are bothered, and it will boost water when they feel they want more water. It is also convenient. It can be used when you have a low water pressure because it gives you good water pressure.

Spray or massage pattern

There are a lot of spray patterns that you can have when you have a massage kind of showerhead. It can have a jet, rain, pulse, and mist because not all spray patterns are necessarily effective or convenient for other people.


Sometimes the rain showerheads are used as an overhead style which means you can use them while under it to experience the best. Using rain showerheads can divide the water lightly from above because it uses a more prominent head to have a broader water allocation. It will work best when you have intense water pressure in your home to enjoy using it.

Dual showerhead

When you cannot decide whether it is fixed, it is ideal to use a dual showerhead. It has different forms and shapes, and you can use it depending on your needs. You can handle it while taking a bath or enjoying it while you are under. You can have everything in one showerhead because it also has a spray pattern massage.