Japan is a unique tourist destination combining rustic scenic beauty and supreme advanced technology. The country is famous for its ancient shrines and temples, well preserved authentic wooden villas and, at the same time, all the modern amenities that you can expect. You may be a little apprehensive about acclimatizing with the tradition and culture but eventually will find the warmth, welcome and acceptance quite overwhelming. The combination of captivating sceneries, historical architecture and excellent varieties of food will make a Japan tour worth every penny. There are plenty of reasons to plan a vacation in this land of the rising sun at least once in your lifetime.

History and Culture

The well preserved ancient architectures are a live symbol of the thousand-year-old culture of Japan. You have a vast scope of learning the rich history by visiting the monuments, temples and shrines. Especially Kyoto is a tourist spot to experience the prominent heritage of the country. There are innumerable Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines all over Osaka, Tokyo, Mount Fuji, and other cities of Japan. Currently, the country has twenty-one world heritage sites and seventeen cultural sites and eight more waiting for addition to the heritage list. You can have a cultural experience by choosing to stay in the traditional wooden Japanese inn and enjoy the traditional tea-drinking ceremony.

Natural Beauty

There are forests, mountains, and hills in almost two-thirds of Japan, giving you ample scope to enjoy nature. Mount Fuji, one of the heritage spots, is the greatest attraction for all the nature lovers of the world. You can enjoy different views of the mountain from different places and try your luck in mountain climbing. The country has some beautiful aesthetic architecture witnessing the impressive engineering of Japanese builders. It is also a treat for animal lovers as the different parks have varieties of wild animals in them. You can find deer in Nara Park and snow monkeys in the forest of Jigokuddani valley. You will find the most amazing collection of cherry blossom flowers in Japan in spring. So, please visit Japan at least once in your lifetime.