The classical time of the rugs, the charming and eye-catchy visual sight of the thread is alluring that no one can ignore the attraction for the Afghan Rugs. The traditional look, superclass bonding and the magnifying efforts of aesthetic craftsmanship are the main inspirations of these rugs. For many decades, the manufacturers of Afghan rugs have been using the wool and their affection towards the foot design of elephant motivate them to design the same with a bright red background. The typical Afghan rug’s structure is based on the combination of octagon style with the use of numerous bright shades.

With the passage of time, we all know that taste of everyone has been changing continuously. Therefore, the manufacturers of Afghan rugs have adopted some modification in their traditional style to make alive for the decoration purpose. The colors that were used since its inception, has now become precise to the few bright shades. They have also reduced the octagonal design that was once understood as the prevailing one. Now the use of vivid blue and red colors have been very common that are in great demand.

Types of Afghan Rugs

The following popular types of Afghan rugs are the real heritage of traditionally rich culture.

  • Daulatabad Rugs

This design is very popular all over the world and it serves as the trademark design of Afghan rugs. The Daulatbabad design belongs to the north side of Afghanistan. These designs possess the same octagon shape along with the famous red foreground. The beauty that it carries comes from the usage of original wool that ensures the long-lasting life and colorfastness as well.

  • Shindand or Adraskand Rugs

If we talk about western Afghanistan, Shindand or Adraskand rugs provide real charm. These two classical and versatile designs have been extended to the animals and human figures. The beauty of these rugs is the fresh look of the designs that they carry along with the sensation of elegant handwork. If you ever visit Afghanistan, every homeowner feels it as an honor to place this rug at home.

  • The Baluchi rugs

These rugs have got a notable value that is the usage for offering prayer. The attraction of these Baluchi rugs has become very appealing due to using muddy colors. Their portability makes them very popular and they are manufactured with durable wool material that makes them very lustrous.

  • The Mauri Rugs

These rugs are the most unique type that is manufactured with pure silk thread. The classification of silk thread makes these rugs the most lustrous and they provide the most prestigious type of decoration. The use of versatile colors as compared to the other traditional types of rugs.  The origin of these is the Kabul where Hazara weavers work extremely hard to provide the world with enchanting art.

In Short, various types of Afghan rugs have been serving the industry with its supreme appearance. These manufacturers of Afghan rugs claim the easy cleaning and maintenance that is just carried out with a simple vacuuming process. And, their hygienic and bacteria-free features make them environment-friendly as well!