Before buying an apartment, try to know what life is like and the requirements for those who decide to live in a condominium.

Living in a community is not always easy; it can be a challenge when it comes to a condominium. In a place where the proximity to the neighbor is much greater, living in a condominium requires awareness of your space and respect for the space of others.

  1. Noise

There are clear rules in the bylaws that prohibit noise within a specific time. Loud music or conversation, fights, dog barking, and even children’s play should be avoided at this time. Anyway, if you want to live in an apartment, you need to be aware that you may have to endure some noise from time to time, often even involuntary. If the case does not respect the specified time, you can call the manager and ask them to take action.

  1. Common Good

Often, something you disagree with ends up being accepted by a majority vote in the Assembly, and you will have to accept. The collective approval impacts the decision to renovate, use common areas, purchase services and equipment, and other matters related to the condominium like Kaset condo (คอนโด เกษตร which is the term in Thai). Participating in condo meetings is also very important. And that requires dedication, discipline to schedule, and a good dose of patience to follow the discussions. 

  1. Rights And Duties

When living in a condominium, as in any community, you need to know your duties and rights. Condominiums have rules to be followed to ensure coexistence in harmony, although conflicts still occur.

The Regiment, or Internal Regulation, will, as the name suggests, govern the conduct of condominium life. The ideal is to know these rules even before buying the property. Because changing them later is much more complex.

In addition to the Bylaws, there is also the Convention that you need to know about. Both documents describe what can and cannot be done within the condominium, the measures to be taken in each situation, and the penalties imposed in non-compliance with these rules.