Being a bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co is an exciting and challenging career. You may get to do things that are new and different every day. Follow these steps to learn how to get started.


Step1. Consider your skills and interests

Being a bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co requires working with your hands, being able to follow directions and solving problems.

Step 2. Look for training programs in your area

Your local community college or technical school may offer classes in construction, plumbing and electrical work that can help you build the skills you need to become a Bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co.

Step 3. Talk to people who are already doing the job

Contact local Bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co s to ask about their experiences in the industry. They can give you important information about what it takes to be successful as a Bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co.

Step 4. Apply for an apprenticeship with a local construction company or union

Apprenticeships are usually paid positions where you work under the supervision of an experienced Bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co while learning on-the-job skills. Some companies or unions require that you complete training through a formal program before they’ll hire you as an apprentice, while others will hire you directly without formal training. If you’re not sure how to find an apprenticeship, talk to your teachers or guidance counselor at school or ask other contractors for advice.

Step 5. Obtain the necessary licenses and insurances

The State of Colorado requires all bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co to be licensed, insured and bonded before they can legally perform any contracting services within the state. Obtaining these is as simple as filling out some paperwork, paying a fee and showing proof of insurance coverage or financial backing.

Step 6. Get started as a subcontractor

You can work as a subcontractor for an established bathroom remodeling contractor Lakewood co to gain experience before you start your own company. You could also work in some capacity at a home improvement store where you have access to expert contractors who can guide you through the process of becoming a business owner.

After completing your apprenticeship, you can also start looking for work on smaller jobs such as small home repairs or building decks and fences. Take jobs as large as you feel comfortable handling without supervision and build up your reputation by doing quality work and being reliable.

Step 7. Hire employees and expand your business

Once you have clients, you will want to hire employees to help with projects. As your business grows in size and reputation, you should be able to take on more lucrative jobs that require a larger crew of workers.


As with most things in life, careful planning will help you to be successful. If you want to know how to start a remodeling business, just follow the above steps.