Moving to a new home is a huge task. But relocating a business can be more complicated and challenging. There’s a heightened need to take a proper inventory and avail of portable storage rental units.

In this article, we’re running down nine common business moving mistakes you have to avoid.

Not having a comprehensive plan. Moving your business to a new home covers different phases — from inventorying items, buying moving supplies, packaging, informing all concerned parties to hiring a portable storage rental business, transporting your stuff, and arranging your new office. To ensure minimal disruption, it is a must to have a plan that details your timeline, budget, and action items.

Not considering proper timing. To make your move as smooth as possible, proper timing is also key. Moving during the rainy season can be more stressful. Relocating your items during the holidays or rush hours can also cause several inconveniences.

Not enlisting a moving company’s help. Moving your business yourself is not advised. Take the time to search, get quotes, and assess from reputable movers that specialize in commercial moving. It’s also recommended to have portable storage rental units to protect your movables from theft and any other form of damage.

Taking everything to your new business space. Moving to a new location marks a fresh start in your business. And as such, you’re not required to take everything with you. If there are unnecessary or unwanted items, now’s the best time to get rid — or even make money — out of them.

Putting too many items in a box. Storage boxes are essential in any move, whether it’s residential or commercial. While there are many sturdy boxes available in the market, you should be cautious when using them. Avoid overloading and make use of proper cushioning, especially for fragile items.

Not labeling your boxes. To facilitate better packing and unpacking, you have to properly take an inventory of your items and label your boxes accordingly. If there are “essentials” like permits and other important documents, make sure to safely enclose them in envelopes and put them in a separate box.

Forgetting to include your technical property in the plan. From computers and phones to routers, cords, and wires, you also have to move an array of technical equipment. As these are fragile items, make sure to package them properly and store them in appropriate storage units before and during the move itself.

Failing to insure your business’ valuable items. Having your valuables insured is a helpful precautionary measure. This protects your items from road accidents, theft, and other natural disasters. It’s an important investment that can save you money, time, and energy.

Not providing pertinent and continuous information to your people. When moving your business, you have to inform your employees months before the relocation proper. Also, have a separate committee to take care of the move so that the process can be as efficient as it can be. Throughout the preparation and packing, relay any necessary information to your people. Apart from your workforce, you also have to inform your customers, clients, suppliers, and other concerned parties.

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