Hot water is now important in every home. This is due to the vast climate changes you are witnessing with the passing of time. With the hot water cylinder, or water heaters, as these are called, you can save on time and also money. Your work can get over in a jiffy as you do not have to face any discomfort of cold water.

You need to know that installation of a water heater is not a simple project. This needs the required knowledge and qualifications so that there are no errors made.  Installing the hot water cylinder may save you some money but exposes you to great risks. 

Listed below are some of the reasons you need to hire professionals for installation of your water heater. 

Education and Experience

Professionals have the experience and are qualified for installing water heaters. This means, the old unit can be removed in a safe and prompt manner, and the new unit is installed without wastage of any time. These plumbers have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of this job of installation and ensure they use the required tools and equipments. There are few problems, if any. 

Peace of Mind

Saving money is not as important as saving the life of your family. You are sans any tensions when you know a qualified and experienced professional has installed the hot water cylinder. This can also help in preventing any damage to property or cause any type of accidents connected to the water heater.


An experienced professional can install the hot water cylinder right the very first time. They do not follow the trial and error tactics. They know how to install this right so that you can benefit to the maximum. 


You can take help from a professional for choosing the water heater. They can help you with the size and also ensure you decide on a good quality one that is cost-effective.

Factors to Consider before Choosing a Hot Water Cylinder 

Before you decide on any specific hot water cylinder, it is important that you consider specific factors. 

  1. Quality of the Heating Element and the Tank

You have a wide choice in hot water cylinders. You can get these cheap, but you need to ensure you do not make any compromises on the quality. This is more so for those who live in areas with hard water supply. 

The heating element and the tank of the hot water cylinder come in contact with water. Hard water has a large amount of magnesium and calcium present. This leads to a build-up and also scaling. You will be spending much more on the repairs or probably, you will need a replacement earlier as compared to a good quality hot water cylinder. This can also lead to corrosion and decreased efficacy. 

It is important that you search for hot water cylinders that are corrosion resistant and offer a warranty. 

  1. Capacity

You need to choose the water heater capacity in accordance with the requirement of your household. Besides considering your family members, you need to decide on what chores you require hot water for. You also need to take into consideration whether this hot water will be used only for the bathroom, or also for the kitchen. For those living in places with extreme winters, you need to look out for hot water cylinders with a larger capacity. 

  1. Safety Features

Water heaters are generally safe, but it is important that you look into the safety features that are ‘in-built’. You have to check out the valve that opens to relieve the pressure if the temperature or the pressure gets too high. This can prevent the hot water cylinder blowing up.

  1. Consumption of Energy

The consumption of electricity by the hot water cylinder is different in different heaters. This depends on the volume of the water that is used. Places in cold climates require more hot water as compared to those in warm climates. The temperature preferred is also a factor that determines the consumption of electricity in hot water cylinders. 

  1. Area for Installation

Before buying this appliance it is important to consider the area where this will be installed. The area plays an important role for a hot water cylinder.

Finding a good quality hot water cylinder means you do not have to worry about repairs for a long period of time. You can enjoy a hot bath as and when required. You can even use this for cooking and cleaning on those cold nights in winter. 

Make sure you look for warranty and also after sales service when making a choice of the hot water cylinder. A little effort in choosing the right one can help you enjoy this sans any problems.