Having plants around the house is makes it lively and enjoyable the beauty of the space the most. So, here are some easy tips on how to set up a beautiful garden even when the space is lesser.

Choose the garden area

Try to figure out the area in the yard where the garden can be regularly seen even when you are inside your house. This way, you will see the plant growing and flower blooming, which attracts you to spend more time in the garden.

Also, the choice of the area for the garden should be based on the sunlight availability.  Pay attention to the sunlight falling before deciding on a spot. For instance, the vegetable and herb garden should be created in a space where you get at least six hours of sunlight.

Choice of plants

The selection of the plants should match the growing condition in your locality. Put the sun-loving plants where direct sunlight is available. Heat tolerant plants can be chosen for warmer climatic conditions.

Ensure to do your homework while selecting plants for your garden. For instance, the vine plants such as pumpkins and watermelons should be given enough elbow room for them to grow comfortably. Similarly, select the good grade seed and cuttings to ensure better plant growth. There are a lot of beginner plants that you can enjoy to start a garden and slowly add more plants to the garden. This way you will learn to take care of the plants and effectively create a beautiful garden in your own space.

Think of a way for garden decoration

To enjoy the garden space, you need to think of ways to decorate the garden. This way you will start spending more time in your garden. One of the main items for decoration in the garden is the furniture.

Style your garden with the thoughtfully chosen seating arrangements including the chairs, centre table and stools. You may also need the furniture to store your garden tool. Try to select garden furniture that is durable and withstand all the climate changes in your area.

Other decorative in the garden include the accessories that are generally used to complement the furniture. Try to add accessories such as baskets, umbrellas, cushions, pallets, and footrests

Use attractive decorative planters to enhance the beauty of the plants. There are a lot of decorative planters available in the market at a much affordable price for you to use elegantly around your garden. Alternative you may even recycle and repurpose the material lying around the house unused.

Add stones in the garden such as a pathway to create an excellent landscape. Stones are easy to maintain and save on the maintenance amount you spend on your garden.

Other garden accessories include the birdhouse, lightings or setting up a greenhouse. You may create a theme-based personalised corner in your garden. For more information and tips on setting up a garden, check our website.

As a final note – while it is exciting to set up a garden, you need to ensure that you spend some part of your day taking care of the garden.