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Dryers are highly efficient machines. If maintained properly, they can last up to ten years. However, now and again, dryers need to be repaired. Whenever consumers hear the words’ appliance repair’, they become apprehensive. Yes, some dryer repair specialists do overcharge. But, if the homeowner is prepared, the chances of overpaying or not getting the right repairs are minimal. Here’s a guide –


  • Costs – Repair or replace – that’s the dilemma many dryer owners face. According to expert providers of LG dryer repair Pasadena, owners should consider replacing their dryer only if repairing it costs 50% of the price of a brand-new dryer.
  • Parts Availability – Before contacting a repair expert, owners must disclose the dryer model and year of purchase. Often, certain dryer parts are no longer produced by the parent company. Discuss these details before asking a dryer repair expert to visit.
  • Installation Process – How much will the installation of a new dryer cost? Consider these expenses before getting a new dryer. Choose purchase over repair only if the damaged parts are too hard or expensive to repair!
  • Appliance Age – The average life span of dryers is 13 years. The same 50% rule applies to the age of the dryer. If the dryer is older than six-and-a-half years, owners should consider replacing them with a new device. If not, they must consider the repair costs. If the repairs cost less than 50% of the dryer’s original price, seeking professional dryer repair experts’ assistance is justifiable.
  • Warranty – Of course, if the dryer’s warranty period hasn’t expired, it doesn’t make any sense to replace the dryer. However, if the dryer keeps breaking down consistently, owners should ask the dryer seller for a free replacement.


Go for Energy-Efficiency

If dryer owners are considering getting a brand-new model, they must switch to energy-efficient models. Assess the energy-efficiency rating of the old model. Also, look into Texas electricity plans to find the most affordable option that best suits your needs.  If the new model offers better savings, making an early switch can save dryer owners a lot of electricity bills. Energy Star-approved dryers use around 20% less electricity than traditional models.

Dryer Maintenance

Efficient dryer maintenance can extend its average life expectance by several years. Some efficiency dryer maintenance practices include –

  • Checking the exhaust vent every few months to make sure the dryer receives adequate ventilation.
  • Clean components like condenser coils.
  • Make sure all rubber seals are tight and free from debris.

Avoid overloading your dryer. When it’s time to contact a dryer repair expert, consider these details.