For birds, especially pigeons, solar panels are a perfect home. Pigeons have a wonderful time under the solar panel in the spring season. Of course, a passing bird will not cause any damage to your photovoltaic (PV) system. But in the long run, pigeons nesting under the solar panels will surely damage your solar panels.

You have made a big investment by installing solar panels and you must protect them. The solar panels proofing do not go on the top of the roof but on the top of the railing that sits on your roof. It provides a space between the modules and the actual roof.  Pigeons place their nests there as it provides a nice cosy shady area that protects them from the weather and predators.

Pigeons do sit and walk around on the solar panels. The birds are not interested in eating the wires but poop is a concerning factor. This will obstruct the solar panel. Anything that hinders the path of the panel from getting direct sunlight will affect the energy efficiency. The birds and their droppings will create a problem and in the long run make the solar panel utterly useless.

It is a matter of concern to clean the panels from birds. The droppings of birds are acidic and compromise the aluminium frame of the solar panels that might lead to an increased rate of corrosion. The nest materials and bird droppings on the panel create hotspots that lead to subsequent failures of cells within the panels.

A nest built under the solar panel will bring water up when it rains and this will allow water to pool or divert to sensitive areas. The nests built under the solar panel attract other pests like rodents and squirrels. These pests can chew the electric ware which can lead to short circuits and in extreme situations lead to a fire.

The stool of pigeons carries several parasites and diseases. When it breaks out, it becomes airborne and spoils the air around your house.

The solution to the Problem –

Let us continue to read the solution to keep our solar panel safe.

  1. Bird Screens – You should install a wire mesh that clips directly to the solar panel in the entire area under the solar panel. You can also make use of plastic bird netting. You should do this while installing the solar panel in your area to keep the pigeons away.

For this get the debris, droppings and nest materials cleaned before installing the mesh and this will prevent the birds to nest beneath the panels. If there is a large area of solar panels, you can contact a professional company to sanitize the whole area under the solar panels.

  1. Spikes – Spikes along the edges will prevent the birds from staying for a long period to build a nest.
  2. Plastic birds of prey – Make a Scarecrow to protect your solar panels. A fake owl with a head that swivels in the wind is a good guard for your solar panel.

Keep your yard and surrounding garden neat and clean. Birds stick to areas where they get something to eat. Always cover your trash cans and make sure that there are no food items around the house.