Amongst the construction companies in Hawaii, the name of Nan Inc. stands out because it is one of the handful of companies that have managed to reach new heights of success in just 30 years of its existence. It is a relatively young firm that specializes in the field of design-build, preconstruction and general contracting and has already handled 2,600 projects in these areas. Due to the outstanding and exceptional work that it has done over the years, Nan Inc. is regarded as one of the top contractors in Hawaii and have received plenty of recognition for their work. 

In order to understand the company, you first need to look at its beginning. It was launched by one man, named Patrick Shin, who was born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin. He had worked for a construction company in Hawaii for two years after he had graduated from the Bowling Green State University with majors in business administration. He worked as a laborer and this attracted him towards the construction business. What you should know about Patrick Shin Oahu is that he was determined to make his company succeed and took on all kinds of projects, with just one employee. 

Today, he has accomplished his goal without a doubt because Nan Inc. is a flourishing and expanding construction company with more than 500 employees working for it. His team is now making contributions to Hawaii’s bright future by taking on a variety of projects that need to be completed. Nan Inc. possesses a wealth of resources, a capable and professional team, along with extensive technical expertise that has enabled the company to deliver what it aims. Their sound and reliable Hawaiian construction management services has also helped them in climbing the ranks to reach the top of the construction industry in the state fairly quickly.

Their construction portfolio is filled with numerous construction projects and Nan Inc. has fulfilled every single one of them with the utmost professionalism and accuracy. This has helped them in getting recognition and rewards from various organizations in the industry and has benefitted their reputation. They also have plenty of experience in handling multimillion dollar construction projects and have dealt with some of the most complex ones that require a great deal of precision and management experience. Nan Inc. has proven to be exceptional in each of these areas and is a great fit for your construction needs.