If you have an unwanted home you are trying to sell, there are some pretty common misconceptions that can help you make a more educated decision on whom to sell to. Knowing the truth behind misconceptions can help save you time and money.

Offers are not final

If you receive an offer on your unwanted home, you aren’t out of the woods just yet. Individuals trying to finance a home may be required to back out if their mortgage lender doesn’t approve the amount they bid on your property.

Buying a home with financing is a common way individuals purchase houses. But because a third-party lender is involved, nothing the prospective buyer is set in stone until the lender approves the loan. Until that point, the sale has the potential to fall through.

Cash home buyers can purchase a property upfront without the need to finance. This means selling an unwanted home in Dallas to a cash home buyer is faster and more secure.

Home inspections are not required to sell

When you are considering selling a property, the first thought many owners may have is if they should worry about fixing up the house to pass inspection. The big secret is that an inspection isn’t required. Some lenders may require an inspection, but this is more the exception than the rule.

Inspections are used as a way to inform potential buyers what the condition of the home is. When selling an unwanted home, you don’t need to worry about “passing” an inspection. You could consider selling to someone who doesn’t require inspections or purchases homes as-is.

Real estate agents are not required to sell a house

A real estate agent seems like a must if you are trying to sell an unwanted house. With all the taxes, fees, and other paperwork involved, you would think you need to hire someone to handle all that for you. While having a real estate agent will make things significantly easier for you, they aren’t cheap and normally require anywhere from 3-6% of the total home value to work for you.

Selling your unwanted home to a cash buyer is much simpler because there is no included commission cost for the purchase. A cash home buyer will take care of all the paperwork for you. Their services help you avoid the hidden costs of selling an unwanted home giving you peace of mind.

Joe Homebuyer is a cash home buyer who buys unwanted homes in the Dallas area with cash upfront, no inspections required, and no hidden fees. Contact them if you find you need to sell a house fast.

Joe Homebuyer Dallas Fort-Worth is a real estate company to whom you can sell unwanted homes in Dallas.