Before you buy the paints and start painting your loft with loft style colour ( บ้าน สไตล์ ท์ which is the term in Thai), it is important that you study your apartment and think about the atmosphere you want to build – after all, planning is essential for your project to be successful. Here are some tips to start the process.

Study Your Space

The first step in renewing the environment is getting to know it well. So, look at the space you have available, think about the sensations it should cause and how it will be used in everyday life. Notice how the walls, furniture, and decoration items will be close to each other and their colors. This way, you will have an easier time combining the painting with the objects in the room.

Other points that must be taken into account are the location of the property and the lighting. This is because the colors can change according to the lighting of the environment. So, a room that receives more natural light during the day and a dark room most of the time will likely be designed in different ways. In addition, lamps can also change shades. Yellow lamps intensify warmer colors while white lamps are cooler and can have the effect of lightening colors.

Choose The Area To Be Painted.

The definition of the area to be painted is essential not only for the decoration of the space but also for the calculation of the necessary material. Think about whether you want to paint the entire room, just one wall or even half a wall. This decision is fundamental to the choice of colors and style of painting.

To know the amount of paint needed, measure the wall, multiplying the distance horizontally by the height from floor to ceiling. It is also necessary to consider the number of coats, which vary according to the color of the paint and the style of the room.

Make A Simulation Of The Painting.

Are you afraid that the chosen color will not match the space? One way to visualize the final result of your project is to make a simulation of the painting. There are free and online simulators where the customer can use a photo of the apartment and click on the available paints to test them on the walls.

Although the websites and apps available are getting better, the colors may vary slightly on the walls of your home. Therefore, also make a test with the paint, painting a small piece of the wall.

Look For Good Professionals.

Of course, you can easily paint your apartment on your own. However, a professional painter will do service with much more quality, in addition to saving your time. More complicated finishing techniques, which only specialized professionals can do, make your environment unique.