Whether your landscaping project is large or small, chances are you will need the landscaping and excavation services. A backhoe’s job is to prepare the project site for the remodel, whether that remodel is a new driveway or patio, or to level the ground for a more usable backyard. These are the many ways in which excavation plays a role in the landscaping and construction process

Demolition and Debris Removal

The creation of usable and attractive landscapes very often begins with the demolition and removal of debris, large rocks, structures, stumps, trees or other obstacles. Excavators know how to safely clear large obstructions without damaging desired structures, trees or personal property, and without disrupting utility lines. See homeowners watching the demolition from a safe distance as it can be quite a sight! In the end, you’ll be glad the demolition was carried out safely.

Leveling and water/soil management

Preventing and mitigating drainage problems is one of the biggest challenges facing homeowners, and not just on properties with steep slopes. Even flat plots can have problems with water and soil movement! An excavator can help. Designed to move away from structures and encourage water to naturally seep into the ground rather than run off or settle

Soil movement also needs to be addressed before it becomes a problem. to develop soil and create attractive and usable outdoor living spaces. The ground puts tremendous pressure on a retaining wall, so it must have a proper foundation to remain structurally sound – and this requires excavation. Whether your home is old or new, soil and water management will maintain its structural integrity and add value to your property.

Deck installation

Large permanent structures such as B. terraces made of natural stone or concrete paving. Request a quote on a firm, level surface, that water is draining away from the house and that the area is free of obstacles that might get in the way of a new garden project (e.g. old tree stumps).Decks are inherently heavy—add the weight of a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace, and a solid foundation is essential to the deck’s long-term structural integrity. of course excavations. Factors to consider include ground pressure (which can mean a larger than necessary hole, along with stabilizing the pool cover with the correct infill materials); groundwater problems; Difficult excavations such as bedrock; underground utilities; and protect all nearby structures.

New utilities

Adding utilities to outdoor living spaces or moving them for any reason is extremely hazardous work. Excavators are trained to avoid underground and above-ground utilities when digging And in the safe and professional preparation of trenches for water, gas and electrical lines.

Driveway and Parking Lot Installation

Installing a new driveway, whether asphalt, concrete or paved surface, requires excavation to ensure a foundation is deep enough to withstand the stresses of moving and parked vehicles, as well as tipping away the Driveway from the house or garage to avoid flooding. A sleek, patio-style parking lot can also become a sunken, flood-prone nightmare if not properly excavated and leveled prior to installation.