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If you have a door installed without any door stopper, you are really messing things up! If there is nothing to stop the door from banging in the wall and damaging it and the handle, you are just calling yourself some extra expenses. So, unless you have a contractor doing things for you, you need to make sure everything is perfectly fit for use, including the doors.

So, once you install a door, make sure you add a door stopper to prevent it from banging in the wall and damaging it and the handle. Also, get yourself the best door stopper, such as the Park Avenue commercial door closers for durability and reliability.

Anyway, here is how you can install a floor-mounted door stopper by yourself!

Things You Need

Before starting with the steps to install commercial door stops, here are all the things you would need.

  1. Pencil: You would need a pencil to mark the points where you would have to install the door stopper, so the measurements are accurate.
  2. Ruler: You would need a ruler to measure the distance between the door, hinges, and the wall so you can mark the points accurately.
  3. Hammer: For obvious purposes, you would need the hammer to assist punching a hole in the floor.
  4. Awl: You would need the Awl to punch a hole in the floor as it has a sharp-pointed head.
  5. Electric Drill or a screwdriver: You would need one of these to tighten the screws.

Once you have gathered all these parts, you can begin with the installation of floor mounted door stops.

Installing The Door Stopper

Installing the door stopper would take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how good you are at it. Anyways, here is what you need to do!

  1. Swing the door and see where you would like it to stop. You should also consider all the factors, for instance, if there are any switchboards behind the door, or if the door handle would be at a reasonable distance from the wall, etc.
  2. With a pencil, mark where you would want the door stopper to be.
  3. Then you need to measure two inches from the edge of the door towards the hinge.
  4. From that point, you need to measure one inch away from the door but in the door’s swing path.
  5. Then, you need to get the Awl and punch a hole in the floor with the help of the hammer. Make sure that you punch the hole in the exact same spot to avoid any inconsistencies.
  6. Once you have punched the hole, you need to screw the door stopper with the help of the screwdriver or a drill. Just make sure that it is all nice and tight.
  7. Check the installation by swinging the door towards the door stopper.

That’s it! You have a perfect floor mounted door stopper installed in just a few minutes!


Installing a floor-mounted door stopper is not difficult, but make sure that your measurements are precise. Also, it will save you tons of money by preventing any damages to the door handle or the wall too!