Majlis is the most important place in the house where guests spend maximum time in Majlis. That is the reason we are concerned with excellence. There are great range of designs in Arabic Majlis furniture in distinct classic colors, unique designs, standard size and beautiful patterns. To create traditional sittings in classical, luxurious and modern styles. We provide the best carpentry service because of being specialized in Arabic Majlis and have years of experience.

Arabic Majlis is one kind of three seat living room furniture set made up of wood, fabric and genuine leather. These Majlis are open for all, who come in peace and have been used socially and publicly because Arab society believes in equality. These Majlis designs originally consolidate classic Eastern finesse, luxury, and satisfaction, that is the reason, it is extremely popular all over in UAE
Nowadays, in Dubai, Arabic Majlis interior designs are found identical to luxury one which prevailed in past centuries.

Knows the features of Arabic Majlis Designs

The interior design of Arabic style have distinctive feature and the interior itself consists of a huge number of small details, the richness of detail and complexity of the form and features of Arabic Majlis in Dubai and Abu Dhabi designing are as follow,

As we know Arabic majlis is a peaceful sitting area but the basic features make it more enhancing. In Arabic majlis, the space is visually elaborate by large, bright rooms with the right outlines and the profusion of mirrors. In these Majlis, natural wood furniture studded with bronze and pearl available in pink, blue or green coating;

High-quality viscose, Satin, Silk and Cotton in the same tone or with a subtle pattern are the eye-catching luxurious textiles used to manufacture Arabic Majlis furniture. This noble color palette contains pastel colors, the combination of white with gold and sometimes simply black blotches. There is also a variety in Arabic majlis bedspreads embroidered with golden threads, heavy curtains, drapery and pillows made of silk and velvet, etc.

We are the one, who admired all the wishes of the customer. When it comes to creating luxurious interiors, we do our best to realize your prime and daring ideas. Our experts create highly individual projects of Arabic Majlis in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are tailored to the characteristics of the room. Our designers have extensive experience and will help you to avoid common mistakes, you made furnishings your majlis.