It is important to measure the size of your kitchen sink before you buy it. Be sure to consider the size of your countertop as well as the main purpose of the sink. A larger sink with deeper basins is useful if you cook a lot and require more space for washing pots and pans. A large sink placed on a small countertop can cause problems during installation as well as in the long-term maintenance of your kitchen sink. Contacting your local sink distributor can give you insight on these matters.

Measure the current size of your sink. Before measuring, it may be helpful to take out the sink. The dimensions of the sink are measured from edge to edge. Also, measure the depth of your basin. Pay attention to the placement of the sink’s plumbing, especially the drain.

The countertop depth is another important measurement. It is measured from the countertop’s back edge to its front. The cabinet should be able to accommodate the sink width. These details are important as different sink styles can take up more space on your countertop than the basin size. There are several types of sinks and several types of sink distributors so choose wisely!

Drop-in kitchen sinks typically have a 1/2-inch lip. A backsplash placed on the back edge or laminate countertop may cause a problem with the drop-in sink’s lip. For a farmhouse kitchen sink, a custom cabinet is required to fit the apron panel. This will affect the placement of the sink along the countertop. It is important that the sink can be placed in the right place and allow for a few extra inches.

Here are some additional tips to help you choose the right size kitchen sink.

For comfort and ease, position the sink closer to your counter.

The location of the drain and the depth of the basin can have an impact on the amount of space under the sink that is available for garbage disposals or filtered water systems.

You should ensure that you have sufficient counter space to prepare food, especially in corners.

The new kitchen sink must fit in the existing cabinets and match the placement of the plumbing. The plumbing may need to be adjusted to accommodate a different drain location. You can always choose a sink that is larger than what the countertop or cabinet allows. Just plan ahead and adjust the plumbing and counter cabinets as necessary.

Do some research and find out what sink distributor in your area can supply you with only the best of products!

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