Planning to shift to an apartment? Confused about choosing the best apartment? Don’t worry, we are here for you. We’ve got the best features an apartment requires. Just like Sathorn Condo (คอนโด สาทร, which is the term in Thai), here are the most important features that you need to check before renting or buying an apartment.

Before jumping into the features of an apartment, let’s see why you need to choose an apartment and why not an independent home.

  • Security   

In an independent home, you are on your own. If you are an individual living all alone, then security might be an issue. For an apartment, there will be a watchman and it’s secured enough.

  • Maintenance      

Maintaining an individual home is far more costly than painting an apartment. If it comes to purchasing, an apartment has low initial costs when compared to individual property.

  • Commitment      

If you are living all alone in an individual home then you’ll have responsibilities like sharing bills, and other things top. But if it’s an apartment, you need to share your bills and you don’t need to work extra to maintain your home as you are already paying for the maintenance.

So, this is why you can rent an apartment instead of renting an individual home.

Now, Lets The Features That An Apartment Needs To Have:

  • Safety        

Safety is the priority. Of course, every apartment has a watchman or CCTVs and all for security. But the surroundings must also be secured. So, got with secured locations.

  • Surrounding      

As already mentioned above, surroundings must be secured. Along with security, make sure it’s located in a prime location with less pollution.

  • Water And Other Amenities  

Whatever apartment you are choosing, make sure it has no water problem. Most apartments located in heights have water issues. So, enquire about the water issues in that particular area. Along with these, make sure the apartment has basic amenities available at all times.

While these are the exterior features, let’s see the interior features

  1. Good Ventilation            
  2. Comfort 
  3. Spacious          
  4. Washrooms      
  5. Windows And Doors 
  6. Flooring            
  7. Balcony            

So, these are the features that you need to check while renting an apartment.

If you are planning to buy an apartment, along with these above-mentioned features, also check the below-mentioned things

  • Price    
  • Legal Check Of Property             
  • Land Records               
  • Builder-Buyer Agreement          

Check all the legal documents, site papers thoroughly before buying them.