If you plan to carry out high quality kitchen renovations, begin by focusing on the longevity of the kitchen’s design. You can evaluate the overall colour palette whether to pick vibrant and bright colours or to pick the calming tones for high ticket items like cabinets, countertops and backsplash. A classic kitchen style is never disappointing and can be enjoyed for many years to come. Have a look at various factors that can help you in investing in a stylish and functional kitchen.

Keep it Light: Light coloured countertops are trending these days in home design. When it is Quartz, it can be elegant, sanitary and highly durable. However, this trend would not fade out of style anytime soon and would remain for the years to come.

Explore the World of Laminates: If you start looking for laminates, you might come across a whole new world of stunning options for countertops from various innovators. The affordable countertops can be budget-friendly and durable. There is an upscale marble look, varieties of stone, mix of wood and grains and many more. However, if you love the laminates, you can even reface the cabinets and flooring with it!

Transform the Kitchen Completely with Cabinet Refacing: Refaced cabinets can be a transformational design solution for kitchen remodelling projects. Referred to as cabinet resurfacing, it provides the kitchen an upgraded ambience without breaking your budget. Refacing can save construction time, environment and money. The process is budget-saving and time-efficient and is perfect for homeowners whose kitchen layout can remain the same.

Add Splash of Colour: You can add a pop of personality and spruce up the renovation by adding a wall paint and home décor. You can add accent walls, lighting or a dash of home accessories to a neutral kitchen design. They can be rugs, decorative dishware, seating and window treatments. Modern day colour trends span from bright to light yellows to more natural and woodsy greens to pinks and other precious jewel tones. All these can be perfect for accents around the new favourite place of all – the kitchen!

Open Shelving: You can visually enlarge the space by adding a functional and modern open shelving. This effect can add height to a room, eliminate the additional cost of cabinet doors and maximise the overall function. Open shelves can also serve as a showcase for unique dishware, cookware and artisan pieces. You can free up your space and mind with open shelves that can work well with any design style, from contemporary, rustic or modern.

Add Affordable and Luxurious Flooring: you can save a lot of money by adding luxury vinyl flooring that mimics the fine-grained or rustic wooden planks. It is easy to maintain and care for, a budget friendly option and vinyl is definitely worth the look as well. Chic vinyl can be far softer to walk on when compared to tiles or ceramic flooring.


If you plan to carry out Quality kitchen renovations, you can consult professionals that can help you with kitchen makeovers Melbourne. They can help you transform the kitchen in less time with less stress and more value.