The trends of interior keep changing yearly. People change their minds with trend change so when window retreatment is needed, people scroll the internet for trends and arrange meets with designers to get something refreshing and thrilling. What is the trick to figure out which trend suits you the best, you have to decide it by yourself. It can be a simpler fabric with embroidery and drawing to give elegance to the space. Styles of 2020 are diverse, in the variations of colors, designs, and sizes and other factors; you’ll certainly find a suitable solution for your home window treatment. Trend means the most loved design with maximum loveable features. What the designers recommend or suggest selecting is the trend and some trending curtain types are here to guide you.

  • Japanese Curtains

Minimalism Lovers mainly demand these types of curtains. They look like canvas on a rigid frame as they are light screens and can be folded back or unfolded horizontally. They are sewn by the lightweight natural fabric free of drawings and patterns. They give an elegant and classy look to the whole interior design. This is mainly known as Japanese style. These Japanese styles help minimalists to maintain their home simplicity by bringing modernized designs in windows treatments. 

  • Roman Curtains

This treatment was designed by a Roman designer that is why it is known as roman curtains. They are found in the category of flat curtains, which later can be used with patterned designs as well. They can be used to give a classy look with minimalism, Mediterranean and for loft designs. These curtains are made with dense fabric or patterned double width cloth to make narrow horizontal special slats. An eave is used to lift it up and down. Its demand has been increased because it is trending in 2020.  

  • Hourglass curtains

These modern 2020 curtains are hung in quantity of several pieces of cloth with a sequence of light to dark color upward. They are not only woven but they are available in metal panels to decorate interior well in neoclassical style with ancient features. 

  • Italian Curtains

The most modern design of 2020 is Italian style. They are stationary and cannot be moved. When you need to let in the sunlight then, they grow left and right but are fixed with claw. Italian curtains are an ideal choice for the arched windows. They consist of braids and rings, which are mounted on the wrong sides of fabric curtains. 

  • Café Curtains

It is a new curtain design. They are found with a cut so are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. They can be fixed from above or from both above and below. A central cord is used to fix the frame. They give an extraordinary elegant look to the space. This is also one of most admired types of curtains in 2020. 

Curtain trends change the environment seasonally for a mental change. Such elements not only bring beauty in the space but they help secure the home as well as help refreshing the mood.