Crime in many US cities is on the rise, and with poverty levels at an all-time high following on from the pandemic, even some ordinary people have turned to crime to support themselves in times of great hardship. While there can be no excuse for theft, ignoring the threat makes no sense whatsoever, and when it comes to protecting valuable items at your business or home, you should be taking a number of security measures. 

As your first line of defense against a home or business intrusion, you should of course ensure that all your locks are in full working order, and you may even choose to invest in other measures such as a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras or an access control system (for businesses). As the next and no less important security measure, you should invest in a high security safe, that can keep smaller, valuable items of worth protected from both burglars, and the ravages of fire. Because sometimes, a desperate and determined thief may be able to penetrate your exterior security measures to get inside your home or business, and you can bet that if they do, they’ll waste no time searching for smaller items of value that they can easily steal, and easily sell on.

What is a high security safe?

While it’s true that all safes offer a certain level of security for your prized possessions, they don’t all offer the same level of protection, and if you’re serious about keeping certain items secure, you should invest in the best safe your budget will stretch to. 

Constructed with businesses in mind, but still being ideal for homes with unique and high value items such as jewelry and cash to protect, high security safes are engineered to protect valuables from fire, heat and cunning criminals (even those with all the right tools for the job, such as sledgehammers, power saws and drills). The higher the TL (or tool resistant)rating, the longer the safe will be able to fend off break-in attempts, and most safe and security specialists will recommend TL-30 rated safes for the ultimate in protection. It’s also important to consider the insurability of a high security safe that you purchase, and a safe with a demonstrated tool resistance for a minimum of 30 minutes, could be insurable for up to $250,000. 

Available in a range of sizes and with customizable options, your local safe supplier and installer will be able to talk you through each model they sell, and guide you towards the high security safe that best meets all your needs. 

High security safes give home and business owners the peace of mind they both need, and deserve, when it comes to protecting their valuable possessions, and if something is of value, it’s worth protecting.