Clean Your Hand-Knotted Area Rug at Home

Are you dreading the thought of dragging your carpet to the rug cleaner?

You don’t have to be a professional to spot clean a hand-knotted area rug—you can do it yourself!

Follow Tufenkian’s eight steps for cleaning hand-knotted rugs at home.

Vacuum Both Sides

Move all of the furniture off of the rug and vacuum the topside of the carpet. If you have a beater bar setting, turn it off, or it will damage the wool fibers. Flip the rug over and vacuum the backside of the carpet to get rid of any lingering dirt and debris.

Take the Rug Outside

Setting up outside is the best way to clean a carpet. Choose a day when the weather is nice and take the rug to a cleaning area outdoors. Hang the carpet over a porch railing, bench, fence, or some sturdy chairs.

Beat Out the Debris

Use a broom to beat the wool rug and remove the dust that wasn’t swept away by the vacuum. Keep hitting the rug until you no longer see particles falling out. Perform this task with the rug pad as well.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Lay the rug out on a tarp on your deck or patio. Mix some gentle detergent with a bucket of cold water. You can also use carpet shampoo but be sure to test a small area before you clean the entire rug. If the colors bleed, you should stop and consult a professional.

Apply Cleaning Solution

Dampen a white microfiber cloth in the bucket and gently dab the rug. Work with the direction of the material and pay attention to heavily soiled areas. Re-dampen the cloth when necessary but try not to oversaturate the rug. Repeat on the other side.

Rinse Out Cleaning Solution

Get a fresh white microfiber cloth, refill your bucket with clean water, and go over both sides again. Dampen the cloth in the water and lightly dab the rug. This gentle approach is the best way to clean rugs made of wool, so the fibers aren’t damaged.

Dry Out Rug Completely

Get one more white microfiber cloth or a plain towel and start blotting the rug. Remove as much moisture as you can—the rug must be completely dry before it goes back on your floor. You can hang up the carpet and use fans to speed up drying.

Vacuum Once More

You’re almost done! Once the rug is thoroughly dried, put it back in place and vacuum the carpet once more. This will refresh the wool fibers and restore the rug’s appearance.



How to Clean an Area Rug at Home

Using these steps, you can spot clean your hand-knotted area rug at home and skip the cleaner.

While home cleaning is recommended for maintenance, we do recommend having your  Tufenkian carpet professionally cleaned every three to six years, depending on foot traffic.

Check out more tips on maintaining your Tufenkian rug and shop our collection of modern area rugs, bamboo rugs, and silk rugs online.