Chairs with good structures plays a vital role in the interior outlook. But mostly it is not the structure but the covers that provides a visual treat. With a long term use the chair covers might lose the color or the color might not seem to go with the changed interior, this could cause a visual misbalance. Since the era itself is upgrading with different techniques, so is the chair upholstery. All those stained outdated or ripped fabric on your favorite chairs can be turned into brand new.

Selecting from the natural fabrics

When working on updating the upholstery make sure to look for the fabric that suits your interior. It is not just about the color but the texture itself as comfortable seating matters too. Also the things you should keep in mind is the durability of the fabric. As chairs are a part of the furniture that is in regular use the fabric you select must have the durability to sustain the daily functions.

The fabric option you get to opt from are synthetics and natural. Natural fabrics used for upholstery are those that are woven from natural materials. Some of the common natural upholstery fabrics used are:

Linen: a light soft material that can be easily used in formal settings or interiors. Though soft it happens to get wrinkled easily and is not able to sustain heavy wear. However, it does has a characteristic of fade resistant. It is best to be cleaned by a professional to avoid shrinking.

Leather: it is a tough material that is easy to clean and can be vacuumed gently.

Cotton: this fiber present in nature has multiple qualities. Few being pilling, wear and fade resistant, but is less resistant to wrinkle, fire and soil. Its durable quality depends upon the finish and weave it has.

Silk: this is a delicate fiber and is ideal to be used for adult areas and formal settings. It is recommended to be cleaned by a professional for its long lasting silky look.

Wool: this fiber is durable and sturdy and is resistant to pilling, dust, wrinkle and getting fade.  Usually wool is added along with a synthetic fiber to make it easier to clean and lessen the chances of felting.

Vinyl: the natural upholstery fiber that is easy to care and is not much expensive. These are ideal for daily usage and house members of busy routines. The quality of the fiber used determines the durability.

Blended Cotton: the type of weave identifies if the blends are firm, strong and user friendly. It provides a finish that is sleek and stain resistant. These blended natural upholstery fabric are ideal to be used in living rooms and casual spaces for leisure and gatherings.

Using natural upholstery fabrics can make a lot of difference. They are comfortable, environmental friendly as well as durable. They provide comfort and visual appeal at the same time.