Many times people feel a shortage of space in their shoe rack and collect en-number of fancy shoes according to their likes. Next, the problem they face is storage. There are many different types of shoe racks that are available in the market. These days most people are choosing open shoe racks for keeping shoes. One of the benefits of the open rack shoe case is that there will be passage of air, so the bad smell from the shoes can go away, but another downside is that the smell will linger around the front room of the house or the room wherever you have placed the shoe rack.

Popular Rolling Shoe Storage Cabinet

So, you should always choose a shoe storage cabinet that has doors. There are different types of shoe storage cabinets that have come up in the market. One of the most popular types of shoe storage cabinets that you can get is a long cabinet in height that looks like a closet from outside that you can close. But when you open inside you will get a shelf with 4 corners or sides that can roll 180 degrees. You can place more than 35 shoes in that rack. In one rack 10 shoes, in another side 10 and likewise.

Wooden Shoe Rack

Another kind of old-fashioned shoe storage cabinet that you get is of wooden cabinet with doors and 3 to 4 divisions inside. Similarly, even in small shoe cabinet storage, you get partial doors that open at 180 degrees and you can close them. Some of the shoe storage cabinets are designed in such a manner that they don’t even look like a shoe storage cabinet. It almost looks like a sideboard or cabinets. So, such fashionable kinds of storage cabinets have also come up for shoe placement. You can look online for more designs.

Other Types of Shoe Storage – 

There are many online sites where you can get such kind of shoe storage cabinets. The cost may differ according to the make and quality. Other types of shoe storage cabinets that have come up and are very popular are the bench-type flip drawer shoe storage, but before buying such kind of shoe racks you should also see the space and the whether the size of the shoe fits in the storage cabinets or not. Practical shoe storage cabinets are also available that have a lot of space in which you can keep your shoes comfortably.