Luxury, elegance, and comfort — these are the things that a human mind keeps on seeking throughout its lifetime. Such is the intensity of human seeking for luxury that it has sometimes leapt even the moral fences. But we are not talking about morality here. The hunt for luxury villas in India is seeing a surge in recent years. And thus cities have started to come up with the trend. How good is Coimbatore for it? Is the choice wise to seek luxury villas in Coimbatore, Radvi asks! Should you be buying a prebuilt villa? Or should you be searching for Architects near me for house plans, Radvi adds!

Coimbatore is like sheer imagery of nature and urban, technology and peace, and city and rural – it is a blissful balance.

Are luxury villas in Coimbatore really worth it?

When the heart gets tired of walking through the vibrant city dorms, it looks for peace in nature. We, humans, have always found a sense of calmness and clarity in the embrace of nature. This is why NRIs and the elite class look for luxury villas in a place that is peaceful and yet not rural.

Coimbatore is a city in Tamil Nadu and is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It has space and it has nature. It is developed like a city should be and yet the air is clean to breathe. If you are wondering whether Coimbatore is a good place for villas or not, then yes it is. It is one of the best locations you can get throughout India. Be ready to embrace the lush life in nature’s embrace without compromising over development. But where there are opportunities, there are scams too. Be vary of fake builders that can easily impersonate experts and thug you off. Look for reputed architects only.

If you are searching for architects near you for house plans or looking for luxury villas in Coimbatore, Radvi should be considered for being the best around from over the past 30 years.

How to get luxury villas in Coimbatore?

The first piece of advice that anyone should have is to depend on the local expertise. No foreigner can ever give you more clarity about a location and its surroundings than a localite. Always look for real estate companies that are based locally. This way you will be able to get information about many things like

  • the local climatic conditions. What does the temperature remain year-round and how does it impact the local lifestyle?
  • the local connectivity. Is there any good school nearby? What about malls, groceries, medical facilities, etc.? Because you would not want to be going next city in case of a medical emergency.
  • What is the local culture? Is there anything that one needs to take care of?
  • What are the local laws about architecture and other related things? For example, at some places you could be fined for raising the height of your villa above a certain level.
  • You will be able to get better prices based on the current and local market conditions.

These things help very much in the long run. Luxury Villas in Coimbatore, Radvi told us, must be carefully bought. There have been cases when people bought villas in a locality and then ended up cursing their choice because there either was no nearby medical facility or the roads were unusable in the rainy season due to location.

How to look for a real estate agent for your luxury villa?

Choosing a real estate agent is as much a task as choosing the luxury villa itself. You would not want to end up hiring a naive and then facing the real cost in the long run. Apart from it, there are things that must be taken care of to stay away from real estate frauds and scams. When you look for architects near me for house plans, Radvi advised, do not rely completely on the results. The chances of scams in such cases are low because Google works hard, but there still are chances.

Apart from it, if you get calls from a real estate agent, then do your homework properly. If you are looking for luxury villas in Coimbatore, Radvi could be relied upon. But if you have gotten a suggestion from someone else or have heard of an agent, here are the things to take care of beforehand.

  • Ask the local people or relatives if they have heard about the company or not. There are no better words than the words of the locals. If a company has been serving locally, people must know about it.
  • Check the website. At the present age a website has become a requirement. Check out the website of the company and see if it looks suspicious.
  • Visit the local office of the company and ask them questions that concern you. Here are a few examples –
    • How long have you been serving locally?
    • What is your expertise in real estate?
    • What services do you offer?
    • Can you tell us about some famous projects you have finished?
    • Are you licensed? For example, confirm it through an attorney or real estate consultant.
    • Can I visit the construction site or the villa you are offering?
    • How do you charge?
    • What is the contract we will bind in? (read the contract carefully)
    • How long will it take to complete the task?
    • Questions about demography and local culture.
    • How will we be dealing with the delay, if any in the future, in the construction process?
    • What are the different architectural styles you excel at?
    • Can you tell me about this particular architectural style? For example, Tuscan or Eclectic.
  • Check the licence of the real estate company and get it verified through the state licensing website. Take help of a real estate attorney.
  • Check on social media for any clue.

Taking care of these few things will surely ensure that you are going into the right hands. The thing is that buying luxury villas is not an easy task. It takes fortune and lots and lots of hope. You would not want to turn your excitement and joy into wails and miseries. Thus, you must always walk with caution.

And at last, do not worry if Coimbatore is a good place for luxury villas or not. It is!