Choosing new flooring meant for your home is exciting because it has the power to radically change the appearance, feel, and mood of a room. However, we understand that there might be a sense of overwhelm when there can be so many options.

We have put up a few tips to help you choose the best flooring before you buy new flooring for the house, whether you are remodelling or creating a new one. It is advisable to check the Flooring Domain website to find local flooring shops, as this website contains all of Australia’s leading flooring companies in its directory.

  • Measure the size of your floor to calculate the area
  • Do research to find the latest trends
  • Consider the lifestyle
  • Know who will install your flooring
  • Request a sample
  • Pay attention to your location
  • Consider your theme of the interior design
  • Inquire about any planning assistance.

Here are a few cost ideas for different activities so that you can have an estimate of your flooring installation cost

  • The price for sanding and polishing of floors based on water-based one primer coating and two finishing coatings starts from $30.00/sq. meter, based on staining three coats finishing starts from $45.00/sq. meter.
  • Stair sanding based on three coats water-based finishing starts from $250/stair
  • Decking sanding/re-coating from $20.00/sq. meter
  • Laminate flooring installation cost starts from $20.00/sq. meter
  • Installation of luxury vinyl planks from $15.00/ sq. meter 
  • Installation of vinyl planks for glue-down installation from $30.00/ sq. meter 
  • Installation of engineered timber from $25.00/ 
  • Installation of timber floor and also engineered flooring from $40.00/ sq. meter 
  • Installation of hybrid flooring including removal/re-installation of present skirting boards from $20.00/ sq. meter 
  • Flooring on stairs installation from $55.00/stair
  • Tile flooring removal including lifting, removal, and also the disposal from $20.00/ sq. meter 
  • Floor levelling of particle and wooden floor price from $35.00/ floor levelling 
  • Floor levelling for spot/patching and subfloor levelling from $100.00

A case of hybrid flooring

  • Scope of the job

The following were the scope of the whole job:

  • Tile removal

This is the dirty part of the job and about 65 sq. meters of tile was to be lifted and disposed of. After removal, tile mortar was ground to make sure the subfloor is levelled. 

  • Floor levelling

Hybrid flooring must be installed on a flat surface for meeting the warranty and performance. The subfloor was primed by using Mapei Prim T-Plus. The subfloor was made ready for the installation of hybrid flooring.

  • Hybrid flooring installation

For the kitchen, living area, and walkway the installation task took 2 days to finish. The existing skirt boards were removed and reinstalled over the new flooring, which gave a completed look to the entire area.

  • Hybrid flooring on stairs

There was a need for customized stairs and installing floating flooring for the staircases was not a rush job as that needed much more detailed consideration. The stair took one and a half days for completing the full job.

The complete hybrid floor installation over tile took about four days to complete.