If you’re joining the many thousands of UK homeowners renovating their kitchens this year, you’re likely looking for new ways to get the most out of the space, while keeping it fresh looking, functional and welcoming, Well luckily, there are some great and affordable ways to enhance any kitchen, no matter its size, and having a window seat installed is one of them. 

From basic functionality to adding an element of timeless style, window seats are a fantastic addition not just to a kitchen, but to any room in the home, and when coupled with a variety of quality window seat cushions, they can really elevate a space.

Here are 8 reasons why a window seat should feature in your kitchen remodel:

  1. It gives you extra seating

Whether you regularly have guests, or have occasional unexpected visitors, it always pays to have extra seating for those times when your home is full. 

  1. You can use it for extra storage

Just as useful as extra seating can be in a busy household, so is storage, and with a professionally built window seat (or multiple window seats), you can use the space underneath the seat to store all manner of things and easily get access to them when you need them. 

  1. A window seat can improve the aesthetics of your kitchen

When professionally constructed and dressed with some attractive window seat cushions, a window seat can turn an ordinary space, into an extraordinary one. Depending on how many windows you have in your home that are suitable for seats to be constructed under (and even bay windows can be elevated with a seat and some beautiful bay window cushions), you could really go to town and transform any number of the rooms in your home with a stylish, comfortable window seat.

  1. They are easy to install

So versatile, as mentioned in the point above, window seats can become a feature in as many rooms of your home as you wish, and give you lots of extra storage and seating, or simply provide the space with an attractive focal point. 

  1. Window seats make great spots for unwinding

Far less formal than an armchair or dining chair, and way more comfortable than a stool or bench, window seats offer you and your family a cozy spot to relax and recline in, and after a gruelling stint at the cooker feeding your hungry family, what place could be better for unwinding and enjoying the view with a glass of your favorite vino, than a window seat? 

  1. They help to frame a view

When a window seat has been cleverly designed and the window itself looks out onto a pleasing scene, it can be the perfect backdrop to the world beyond your kitchen window.

  1. They can invite the outside, in

In much the same way as a window seat can lead out onto the world beyond, it can also invite the view inside your home, and give you the feeling of being outside when you’re wrapped up cozy and warm inside. 

  1. Window seats highlight a window

Many home furnishings are positioned in such a way that they hide beautiful windows, but instead of placing a sofa in front of a window and blocking both it and the view, why not have a window seat installed and get the best of both worlds?

A window seat can enhance a kitchen window, or any other window in your home, and when dressed with a stylish, comfortable cushion, can provide you with a wonderful space to relax and unwind in.