Decorating the couple’s room is a lovely moment with a house paint (สี ทา บ้านwhich is the term in Thai). It can be great to bring partners closer together during the steps of choosing furniture, accessories, bedding, decorations, and the room’s colors. It is essential that you make this decision together wisely, as painting is one of the more difficult parts to modify later, as it involves removing the furniture, sanding the wall, carrying out another painting process, etc.

So, enjoy and check out now 5 tips to paint the couple’s room.

  1. Choose A Couple’s Color Palette To Paint The Room  

Who says the room needs to be all the same color? A tip for painting the room is to choose a color palette that suits the couple and apply it. It can make various effects, including the gradient and tone, leaving the couple’s room a charm!

However, care must be taken not to turn this cool idea into something corny or generates conflicting information in the decoration. Ideally, you should look for either different shades or complementary colors (for example, yellow and lilac, blue and orange, etc.).

Also, mix with more neutral colors like white, ice, light pink, gray, etc. But the most fundamental thing is that the colors chosen have the face of the couple.

  1. Paint One Wall With A Stronger Tone Than The Others

Another option for painting the couple’s room is to paint one wall with a stronger tone than the others. This wall can be the one on which the bed will be leaning, for example, highlighting this piece of furniture. This type of painting allows for a different decoration, allowing you to dare with paintings, decorations, and other very interesting options.

You can, for example, paint one of the walls with a medium tone blue and use a more pastel tone on the others. The contrast gives an incredible air to the room and is super different.

  1. Avoid Strong Colors 

An essential tip is to avoid using strong colors in your room. Because the environment is made for rest, choosing this type of tone can make your brain constantly understand that this is an environment for activities. With this, you can have big problems with insomnia and restless sleep. Therefore, avoid extremely vibrant colors such as oranges and bright reds in this room.

  1. Use Stickers  

Another way to give a different air to paint the room is to add adhesives (also known as decals). Many of them help improve the decor, adding a theme, phrases, or a different design in the room. They are very easy to apply, mainly because they are smaller than wallpapers.