The color palette is an important factor in interior design, especially for your kitchen remodeling plans. Various colors can bring major changes to your kitchen’s overall look as our eyes are naturally sensitive to colors and interpretations of the messages that go along with them. 

In improving your kitchen space, you can enlist the help of kitchen remodeling companies Cypress in making your ideal kitchen design a reality. If you’re looking for some ideas on which colors would be perfect for your kitchen, here are some color palette ideas that can help brighten up your kitchen.

  • Modern Farmhouse Style

Mixing various traditional and contemporary interior design elements can be made possible in your color choices to achieve that perfect modern farmhouse look. When you combine shades of brown with green accents, you can emulate a warm kitchen that is not necessarily rustic. 

  • Bold and Neutral Colors

You can also combine bold and neutral colors for your kitchen design. You can start with neutral shades of beige, white, and gray and then combine them with bold colors like green, orange, and blue. This combination creates a distinctive pattern that brightens your kitchen space.

  • Blue Retro Kitchen

If you want a retro feel for your kitchen design, the blue color palette can help you take a trip back in time. You can also pair this blue palette with wood-colored storage and flooring that is certainly eye-catching.

  • Red and White Kitchen 

The color red is a color that can stimulate the appetite, which you can also integrate into your kitchen space. You can give your kitchen an appetizing boost through red kitchen wares and supplies.

  • Mondrian Style Kitchen

If you do not like to limit your color palettes, the Mondrian style may be perfect for you. The Mondrian art style allows you to combine every color you want, which creates a sense of harmony, especially when applied in the right way to your kitchen cabinet Cypress.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on color palette ideas to brighten up your kitchen space, here is an infographic created and designed by Mr. Cabinet Care.

kitchen color palettes - infographic