Going through a break-in is one of the scariest and most frustrating things to go through. It’s horrible knowing that someone invaded your privacy and that your house is vulnerable to a total stranger. But you don’t have to stay vulnerable. After a break-in, your home may even become a bigger target, so it’s important that after calling the police, you work at maximizing your home’s security as much as you possibly can.

Even though this may seem like too much to do, but it’s important and needs to be done soon after the break-in

Close as Much of the House Back Up as Possible

Even if your main entry point is totally destroyed,  it’s important that you do whatever you can to close it back up. If it’s the middle of the night and you can’t get the entry point repaired, you can cover the area up with sheets or anything else you may have handy. Just enough to cover things up. Get it repaired the minute it’s possible. 

Call a Locksmith 

Next up, call Locksmith Birmingham or a recommended locksmith in your general area, preferably someone that operates 24/7, and have them change your locks immediately! Your locks have been compromised and they should not stay that way. The best bet here is to get anti-snap locks that are stronger than the usual, traditional locks, and it’ll make it harder for a burglar to get into your home! While they’re there, have them take a look at all of the other entry points to your home, no matter how secure you think the home is! When your locks are brand new, you can be sure that no one’s had access to them!

Make Sure No Sensitive Information Is Compromised 

Sometimes, thieves steal more than just “things”, information is just as valuable to them if not more! You have to go through all of your sensitive information and make sure that nothing has been compromised. You might want to give your bank a call here too to be 100% sure. Once you’re sure that everything is okay, make sure your information stays safe by getting a safe installed. This can even be a very small safe that just holds your information. Just make sure to get one that’s fireproof, and is recommended by a locksmith. That way, you’ll be sure that even if your house is hit again, your information will be okay. This is an essential step that a lot of people forget, so make sure you’ve got this one covered!

Consider Installing a Home Security System

Finally, now that you know that the security of your home was not up to the mark, make sure that that’s not the case in the future. Consider installing a home security system to keep your home safe. This doesn’t really need to be a fancy, elaborate security system that costs a fortune. You can even create your own by first getting window alarms that go off every time a window is opened. Another thing you can get is a doorbell camera since most of them have notifications and night vision, so you can be notified every time someone passes by the door! It’s a good idea to combine these two things with some cameras all around the perimeter of the home as well, accompanied by motion-activated lights. That way, if a potential burglar tries to come close to your home, the lights will get triggered, making it easier for the cameras to get the person on film! The doorbell cameras will also notify you if they make it past your door, and the windows will ring if they try to open them! That way, you’ll be totally sure that no matter what happens, if someone tries to make their way into your home, you’ll know!